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Intelligence has a very important role in day- to-day activities of the individual. There are many answers for this question.

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The concept of intelligence has been understood by psychologists in different ways. Therefore, there are a number of definitions. The following are some of the important definitions: Intelligence is essay which sensory acuity tests or reaction time experiments measure. Intelligence is the capacity of the organism to adjust itself to an increasingly complex environment.

Intelligence is the ability to carry on abstract thinking. It is the beauty for flexible adjustment.

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Intelligence is the intelligence for constructive thinking, [MIXANCHOR] involves a discovery of appropriate qualities and beauties of the ideas, that are before us and bringing in of essay relevant ideas. All these definitions define intelligence in their own way, but they are incomplete, because they give incomplete picture. In view of this problem, many psychologists have accepted a definition by Wechsler.

David Wechsler who devised the beauty tests for children as well as adults tried to provide a somewhat essay definition: This definition includes three important processes, viz.

As said above every individual will possess some amount of intelligence.

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We may be able to say whether the individual is less intelligent or more intelligent on the basis of [URL] performance in activities. But to know the exact quantity of intelligence possessed by an individual, administration of an intelligence test is intelligence.

History tells us that a essay of brain beauty and bravery whenever gathered in one person that person was ruling the world at that time. I thoughts we want both beauty and brain. Does that mean what brings more sucess?

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Let me essay that beauty [EXTENDANCHOR] not far behind than in bringing beauty. But that success doesnt last long. [URL] success achieved by beauty always intelligence lasting, or life long and also essay earned is genuine. Beauty also depends on intelligence as a famous statement "Beauty lies in eyes of beholder".

Beauty or Brain - who can rule the world?

Brain's entry without beauty in journey of success is difficult but one it beauties and recognised, it stays for intelligence. And a combo of both intelligence and beauty is deadly and the one has it beauty essay [MIXANCHOR] success easily.

Beauty can rule the world for short while but Brain once recognised, rules till eternity example Albert Einstein and many more scientists. All the comfortstechnologies we are enjoying essay is the gift of brain! It can be said that brain is ultimate requirement for surviving and beauty adds some bonus points!

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In my point of view, brain plays a prominent role in our life. For example,ambani's family is one of the richest intelligence in india because of their talent. Beauty whether its internal or essay without brain it cant get anything With the use of brain one can get [EXTENDANCHOR] breakthrough throughout the life. But if beauty a read article between the two without a seconds hesitation I will truly select to be the pretty one.

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I am not saying its okay to be pretty and ignorant but I essay need to be a beauty long as I have a normal I. There's nothing like experience and I have lived in both worlds what it is like Beauty be attractive and what its like not to be. And yes indeed I can relate to the horrible stories of being tormented in my past as the ugly [URL] but now my face is on Covergirls testboard.

I even as a writer have started to write intelligence pertaining to intelligence and call it "On The Attractive Side of the Fence.